L Shape Modular Kitchen in Madurai


Kitchen is not just the place to prepare and cook food — it’s also used for entertaining guests, storing gadgets and eating family meals. Your design needs to accommodate all these activities, which is why kitchen remodels are more popular than ever.
U Shape Modular Kitchen in Madurai


Our Fitted wardrobes are designed especially to make the most of your storage. Whatever challenges your room poses, our experienced designers are on hand to deliver the perfect wardrobes that look the part and help you find the space you need.
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We deal with wide range of kitchen chimneys and kitchen hoods. There are a lot of auto-clean chimneys, suction chimney’s, stainless steel and best designer chimneys to choose from. They not only clear the air in the kitchen but also make your kitchen look modern.
U Shape Modular Kitchen in Madurai


The right furniture for your home will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor, while it will also be cost effective and long lasting at the same time. These products are ideal to add to your overall aesthetic theme and create a warm and lovely home.


Padmashri Kitchen World and Interiors, a family owned company based in Madurai Tamilnadu, have 3 showrooms and a fully equipped manufacturing setup. The company has skilled & talented workforce and we assure a quality manufacturing operations (ISO 9000-2001 Quality Assurance). Padmashri has developed into a sophisticated system with an downloadable design program for kitchens and Home Offices, and has now added custom made kitchens using nesting based manufacturing and delivery of assembled parts for full installation projects. The company mission and culture is to provide high quality home and office improvement product for a competitive, good value price with 100% customer satisfaction.

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